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Join us every Tuesday for:

“Try Before yOu die”

25 of the World’s greatest classic cocktails, all $9 each

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30% off all glasses and bottles of wine

Tuesday to Thursday, Sunday 5-11
Friday & Saturday 5-1



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Note: Menus are demonstrative & subject to change without notice

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Note: Menus are demonstrative & subject to change without notice

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About Clementine


What is Clementine?

An elegant bar in the Oliver neighbourhood of Edmonton, inspired by nature and early 20th century French Art Nouveau, and focused upon the intimate stories of the products served.


What is on your cocktail menu?

Our cocktails are styled according to the foundations of classical bartending, and honour the producers who enable us to create.  Each cocktail is named and fashioned to invoke particular feelings and memories.  We use our craft to faithfully carry on the tradition of thoughtful imbibing.


What is on your wine list?

The wine on our list is deeply connected to the natural environment of the vineyards they call home. We have curated a wine list of small, family run vineyards - including many families that have farmed their land for hundred of years - that use minimal intervention to allow the land to speak for itself. Wine is a living, changing thing, and our aim is to respect the diversity of the many terroirs that can be found within it.

What do you serve for food?

Chef Roger Létourneau's menu at Clementine utilises the best ingredients available with a connection to their place of origin. Each bite will invite contemplation as techniques of fermentation, smoking, pickling, and culturing bring a new, delicious experience to familiar foods.


What do I need to know before I visit?

Clementine is a space that is welcoming to all, and we are excited to share our stories. Please, come as you are. Reservations are recommended, though our bar is always available for walk-ins. 


How did this place come about?

Clementine was conceived and built by the Volstead Act, a craft cocktail crew comprised of Andrew Borley, Evan Watson, and Jordan Clemens. The experience we offer today would not have been possible without the artistries of Rob Willms (Metalwork), Beyond Wood (Staining), River City Tile (Tilework), Dessart Studio (Sign painting & Gilding), Shane Hauser (Photography) and Land Faculty (Design).



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